Tuesday, October 25, 2016

[Poetry] Institutionalized

My ongoing sharing of the random bits of poetry that I occasionally write. (I'm even sharing the bad stuff.)

Be wary.
The doors here have eyes
ears and lips
to share our secrets if the price is right.

if you slip your intentions through the sliding carrier
Soft, clean,
lace-edged, unassuming
I will smuggle them home.
Pressed between my pillows, they will bring me dreams of you.

But when morning comes, I'll wonder, do you dream of me too?

Do you lie at night,
awake and staring
through the observation window,
wondering what is on the other side?

Are the years still passing by?

If your shade were to escape,
as you long to do some nights
would it tempt me with your visage?

Or would I miss your heat....
and allow it only to sing me to sleep?

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