Published Things

I am not prolific by any means. This section would likely be larger (as would my rejection pile) if I were more consistent in finishing and submitting what I write. Alas, this is how it goes right now.


"Ill Met By Moonlight" (2010) appears in Daily Bites of Flesh (which no longer exists, unfortunately)

"Confessions Before Leaving" - Collage, A Journal of Creative Expression 

"Season" - Collage, A Journal of Creative Expression 

"Ruminations," - The Muse: A Journal of Poetry and Creative Writing


NailPolish Stories

♣ Four Pieces ("First Love"; "Deadly Plum"; "Using My Maiden Name"; "Golden Fantasy")

Six Sentences eZine

♣ Conversations Over Coffee

♣ Downtown Saturday Night

♣ When All Is Said and Done

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