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Here we have responses to writing prompts and challenges and any other fiction I'm publishing to the blog.

The Work

A serial in-progress, derived from Studio30Plus and other prompts. 

“Please,” the dead man said. “Can you help me?”
Part One
Part Two
Part Three


The 100 Word Challenge

The 100 Word Challenge is a weekly flash fiction challenge. Each week, Velvet Verbosity posts a word and the writers get to run with it as they will. As long as their final product is 100 words, no more, no less.

Stand Alones

The Hungry Hour (Starved)
Some Days Alice (Whimsy)
Reflection (Halloween)
When It's All Said and Done (Relief)
The More Things Change (Pretty)
The Morning After  (Milky)
To Hear A World (Listening)
Another Day on the Job (Invigorating)

Post-Apocalyptic Serial

The Scavenger (Unconscious)
One Moment In a Day (Perfectionism)
Game Change (Game)
On the Trail (Storm)

Inspiration Monday

Fighting Shadows (A take on things that go bump in the dark.)
One Night in L.A. (An artist and the spirit of a dead 60s rock star.)

Trifecta Writing Challenges

Weekly Challenge
Without Words (A two-part story with another challenge.)

Trifextra Weekend Challenge

The Right Words (33 words and a picture prompt)

Studio30Plus Prompts

Stand Alones
The King Is Dead (I don't tell him love is finite.)
An Almost Adult Conversation (" grip me, like I've taken you completely apart.") (Also an Inspiration Monday response.)
Three Weeks (Summer will end and bring peace with it. Also an Inspiration Monday response.)

Write On Edge Challenges

Refills (A memoir, featuring coffee.)
Settling Scores (The second part of Without Words)
Conversations in the Air (Picture prompt)
The Fourth Floor (Prompt: Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter)
A New Normal (Tweet Challenge)

StoryDam Challenges

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