Monday, July 18, 2016

[Music Mondays] Transitions Edition

I was wondering what music might accompany a couple of the short stories I'm working on (writing in my head counts as working!).

These two stories both share a theme of ocean and water, transition. I needed music that has the quality of water. Calm and cool, inspiring, beautiful to listen to and also easy to let fade into the background.

I'm finding that with the Life Is Strange soundtrack, even the tracks which have vocals, I can easily do that. Concentrate on the pace and rhythm and lyric of the song or let it filter through my head, inspiring but not distracting.

I'm going to get back to my characters now.

To All of You - Syd Matters

Crosses - Jose Gonzalez

Obstacles - Syd Matters

Monday, July 11, 2016

[Music Mondays] Soundtrack Edition

This week I'm all about music without lyrics. (Because lyrics can be distracting, you know? You're trying to write and all of sudden you're transcribing a song because it's taken over your brain.)

I like writing to movie soundtracks. It's usually easy to find a piece that works for whatever type of scene you're creating.

Practical Magic - Main Theme - Alan Silvestri

The Winter Soldier Theme - 
Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Hal Jackman

Up is Down - 
Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack; Hans Zimmer

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

[Poetry] The Death of Passion

here we lie,
our bones crumbling beneath the weight of our skin,
re-enacting youthful passions
(hot embraces
on forgotten white sands)
with the restless movements of our too-thin hands,
long ago mated at the altar,
as they make a mad scramble
for the remote

Monday, July 4, 2016

[Music Mondays] Where Did June Go? Edition

I did a cross country move in mid-May, from Tennessee to Colorado. I'm still getting used to my new house and the local area. I'm going to blame this lack of familiarity, the near consistent need to run around get things done (whether that's getting another item to restock my pantry or picking up some home improvement/decor item to improve our storage), for the fact that June seems to have disappeared on me.

Well, I'll blame that and the final class of my graduate program, which is keeping me - more often than not - glued to my laptop as I write and submit storyboards and look for graphics to accompany those storyboards once they're made into online modules. (But I'm almost done! And then I can actually look for a position where I get paid to do these things.)

But I'm making a pact with myself right now: I will get out and enjoy the summer days before they pass me by completely. Even if all I do is sit on my back porch in my deck chair, reading a book (or scribbling on a story) and soaking up the sunshine (with appropriate protection, of course).

And accompanying me - either in my head or on my mp3 player - will be music.

This week I'm kind of all over the place. A little new and somber, a little old (it pains me to say that) and poppy.

What are you listening to this week? 

The Sound of Silence (Cover) - Disturbed

The Devil's Backbone - The Civil Wars

3 Small Words - Josie and the Pussycats

Sanctuary - Darling Violetta

Monday, June 27, 2016

[Music Mondays] Civil War Edition

Captain America: Civil War, that is. We finally got around to seeing it last week and I've been running around with other people's characters traipsing through my head ever since. (I do write fanfiction in addition to my original stuff, so this is nothing new.)

But since they've been traipsing through my head, it's causing me to start coming up with playlists for the various characters. I'm kind of stuck on Bucky Barnes right now (particularly his evolution from The Winter Soldier back to something like his old self) and there have been a few songs that have graced my ears over the last few days that make me go "Hmm. I should make another Fanmix."

So, here are a few of what I've been listening to.

Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

Virgin - Manchester United  

Wake Me up - Avicii

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Shorts 6-25-16

Write 100 words about someone's first day on a new planet.

Come back before midnight on Sunday to share or link to your work in the comments.

Monday, June 6, 2016

[Poetry] Revolution

Technically, this isn't magnetic poetry, it's cut-up poetry.

I came to this piece by way of cutting text out of a magazine and piecing it together (and then adding some of my own conjunctions and whatnot). But magnetic poetry is the same process. So I'll file this under Magnetic Poetry Monday and call it happy.

Remember when this was all we needed?
Sweet rolls, vodka and
the sun coming to an end.

Now, where do I begin?
Waking up on the other side of that revolution
where pain came too close to joy
and a woman could be damned by sunbeams
if she forgot that "good enough" is more than skin deep.

(It's all in the hips and the exhale of breaths
when you've forgotten how to be happy.)

And the peak experience is discovering
the hidden brilliance
in satisfying yourself.


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