Monday, June 27, 2016

[Music Mondays] Civil War Edition

Captain America: Civil War, that is. We finally got around to seeing it last week and I've been running around with other people's characters traipsing through my head ever since. (I do write fanfiction in addition to my original stuff, so this is nothing new.)

But since they've been traipsing through my head, it's causing me to start coming up with playlists for the various characters. I'm kind of stuck on Bucky Barnes right now (particularly his evolution from The Winter Soldier back to something like his old self) and there have been a few songs that have graced my ears over the last few days that make me go "Hmm. I should make another Fanmix."

So, here are a few of what I've been listening to.

Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

Virgin - Manchester United  

Wake Me up - Avicii

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Shorts 6-25-16

Write 100 words about someone's first day on a new planet.

Come back before midnight on Sunday to share or link to your work in the comments.

Monday, June 6, 2016

[Poetry] Revolution

Technically, this isn't magnetic poetry, it's cut-up poetry.

I came to this piece by way of cutting text out of a magazine and piecing it together (and then adding some of my own conjunctions and whatnot). But magnetic poetry is the same process. So I'll file this under Magnetic Poetry Monday and call it happy.

Remember when this was all we needed?
Sweet rolls, vodka and
the sun coming to an end.

Now, where do I begin?
Waking up on the other side of that revolution
where pain came too close to joy
and a woman could be damned by sunbeams
if she forgot that "good enough" is more than skin deep.

(It's all in the hips and the exhale of breaths
when you've forgotten how to be happy.)

And the peak experience is discovering
the hidden brilliance
in satisfying yourself.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Shorts 5-28-16

Write a 50 word story about a haunting.

Leave a link to your story in the comments. (Or leave your story in the comments, if you don't have a blog.)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

[Poetry] Untitled

I think I was very into Jewel when I scribbled this. It was supposed to be a song. I don't play music. Well, at the moment. (I have a guitar...I keep losing the calluses from my fingertips because I take so long between practice sessions, so learning to play much beyond specific chords has been a slow process.) 

I digress. Here's a little early 00s/late 90s bad song-poetry. 

Went walking through the City of Fire
Visiting lonely steel and concrete
Saw your visage in shattered fragments
Rising from the ashes of a battered street

I followed your shade down 3rd and Shine
Met a workingman who used to ride the rails
and tells of his journeys in rhyme,
back when spirit was unfettered by night
or by day
and his world was free from linear time

I asked for a ticket on a one way track
Punching the card, he said "Girl, you sure?
'Cause once you cross that line
you can't never come back."

Friday, March 25, 2016

Saturday Shorts 3-26-16

In 100 words, tell me the story of a well loved stuffed animal. From the stuffed animal's point of view, of course.

Share your links or stories in the comments by midnight on Sunday. I'll tweet about them.

Friday, March 18, 2016

[Poetry] Light Fashioned Me

I actually like this one. I wrote it about....9 years ago (...crap). It's a sister poem to one I had published in my college's literary journal. 

Light fashioned me human
gave me memory

Again, I had skin, bones, blood
a name
but my heart stayed frozen
by that long, cold journey
from dark to light,

even as I burned
as green as leaves newly open
in heavy golden air
that spilled all summer over roses
blooming in Technicolor
on tissue paper trees

but Winter lived just beneath that green
and I huddled beneath my skin

Now, I do not know anymore
what I am…

and when I wake
it is to find smooth sky
mirroring broken fields

the world turned
as shadowless as
the dark side of the Moon
as small
as our horizons
that ring us
as we reach out
to touch the white fire
that exists only
in our greatest visions


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