Friday, July 25, 2014

Seaside Images

The trees along the beach of the northern end of Jekyll Island look like something out of a story book, twisted and bent. The high tide line is barricaded from the waves by a man made rock wall that's been put in place to slow the erosion that's slowly moving the northern part of the island to the south.


I wish I'd thought to get some images of Driftwood Beach (to the north of our hotel) but by the time we actually made it that far in our walks, it was dark and I, of course, had left the camera in the room.

On this vacation, I had every intention of being creatively productive. Sure, I thought, I'll take my notebook down to the beach, spread a sheet on the hard packed sand, lay on my belly and kill two birds with one stone: work on the tan and get some writing done.

Needless to say, that didn't happen. For one, I'd forgotten how hard it is to write at the beach with the wind tossing hair and pages about and the grains of sand that find their way into everything. I'll be shaking them out of my belongings for some time to come.

For another, I was far too engrossed with watching the waves and playing in the surf to bother putting pen to paper.

Though on our second day there, I did manage to collect some images in my image notebook.

Considering one of the many short stories I've been poking at focuses heavily on the sea, they should come in handy. My memory is strong and with my many ocean visits over the years, I can easily recall the smell of the brine, the dark odor of decaying marine life, the sharp, gritty feel of sand against my skin, the drag of silt around my feet as I waded into the sea.

But in the event that my memory fails me, I like having some things committed to words.

The voice of a gull echoes over the roar of waves, high pitched and cackling at some joke passed between her and the fish.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Music Mondays: Seaside Songs

I'd like to say that my lack of blogging is due to my working tirelessly on my backlog of short stories...but, if I'm honest, it's more due to my having either few ideas to blog about or lacking the wherewithal to actually write them out.

Though I am, slowly, ploddingly, penning images, outlining plots, writing short sections of stories. Yes, I'm working on more than one story at a time. (It keeps my Writing ADD at bay. What? It's a thing. I'm convinced.)

For this Music Monday, I decided to throw out some sea related songs to inspire me to make headway on my ocean-oriented tale.

"The Pirate's Bride" - Sting

"The Downeaster Alexa" - Billy Joel

"Edge of the Ocean" - Ivy

"The Heart of the Sea" - Flogging Molly

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WWR: Working Late

Your prompt: 

It's late at night. She's lying in bed reading when she hears movement downstairs from the kitchen. The opening and closing of the cabinets, of drawers. Thinking her husband is finally home, she gets out of bed. Just as she's stepping through the bedroom door, her phone hums to life, volume turned low for the late hour.

She snatches it off the night table. Her husband is on the other end, telling her he'll be home around 1:00.

What happens next? 

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