Saturday, August 1, 2009

Winding Down Summer on a Positive Note

I realize it's only July, but work is starting to pick up and this new project will probably have me in the mental equivalent of a cocoon, so the rest of summer may slip past me unnoticed.

I digress.

That short story I've been sitting on since spring of '08 has been shipped out to Glimmertrain.

Now, I await the rejection notice.

One, because "literary fiction" seems to be a weird little genre that often finds itself fine tuned under an editor's discretion and two, because Glimmertrain is notoriously difficult to get published in.

I started at the top. I'll deal.

But at least it's out there. It does no good sitting on my flash drive, collecting virtual dust.

This is the first big thing I've submitted in several years.

My next step is looking into other possible markets for said short story.

And continuing to delve into flash fiction markets for those pieces I've been developing over the last 9 months. (Not to mention writing more flash fiction pieces. I think I've got a knack for them.)

I've kicked around, in my head, the idea of talking to my creative cohort (who's been working in conjunction with me; we each created six sets of work--my short fiction, her art on 3x5 canvas--and then shipped them to each other to build stories and paintings off the other's pieces) about possibly self-publishing these things in a little book.

That idea may have some merit... But it needs research.

In the meantime, I keep chugging during the 'tween hours when I'm not sleeping, working, reading, or...playing video games.

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