Monday, March 15, 2010

Music Mondays - A twofer

I have plans for the blog. Honestly, I do. I just keep getting distracted by actual fiction writing. And work. But, I have this Friday off and I intend to spend the majority of it with my keyboard at my fingertips.

This Monday's music choices are a bit apart in style and genre, but they've both lent themselves to creative ideas.

Three Days Grace's "Animal I Have Become" currently maintains a place in my novel (NaNo '09) Soundtrack:

I found it to be fitting for my main male character, particularly when the plot erupts.

Next is Emilie Autumn's "The Art of Suicide."

A while back--last year? my days run together so often now--on a particularly lazy summer day, this played through my headphones while I lay in a warm stupor on the couch; I found myself in a rather lucid dream that involved a Victorian asylum, a complete bastard of a husband, a young wife, and a rather innocent and optimistic doctor. And recurring butterfly imagery.

When I woke up enough, I scribbled the dream out in my notebook. I'm hoping to turn it into a short, though I haven't done the necessary research as yet. (I'm distracted by the characters in my aforementioned NaNo novel.)

Those kind of moments...when a song just takes root in your brain and brings, without effort, all these images to the forefront...those are some of the creative moments I live for.

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