Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[Six Sentences] "Unseen"

I learned a long time ago that the dead are all around us.

You know those flitting shadows you sometimes see out of the side of your eye—those things you dismiss as imagination (or the cat)?

Yeah, that’s them; and once you realize that’s them you get better at seeing them. They go from flitting shadows to lingering figures with shape and form and faces.

Of course, as you get better at seeing them, they start to notice you watching; a lot of them don’t mind, they’re glad to be seen and anxious to communicate, but others, well, they don’t take too kindly to the living being able to see them and there’s more than a few who’ll do something about it. You hear about freak accidents from time to time—people decapitated by elevators or ripped apart by wood chippers, that kind of thing—but I have it on good authority that a lot of the time, those aren’t just accidents.

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