Monday, June 4, 2012

Music Mondays: Elissa's Playlist

A while back I posted Gabriel's Playlist, discussing my use of (and need for) music as a character development tool and featuring songs that said character would likely have on his mp3 player.

Today, I'll be sharing some of Elissa's favorite music.

Elissa is a character from my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel. (Which is still gathering more dust than not – maybe I need to do a post about finding the motivation to edit older works?)

She’s the protagonist (or perhaps the main protagonist, as Gabriel seems to be making a major play for that role as well) of the novel. Her background is unremarkable – working class parents who separated when she was a young teenager. Before the circumstances of her parents’ divorce separated them, she and Gabriel were the closest of confidantes, looking out for each other in a world that seemed to have no place for either of them.

By the time the novel starts, that will have all changed. Elissa—with her unique gift—will have learned to make a place for herself. Gabriel…well…that would be telling.  (And I have enough trouble editing/rewriting as it is without giving the game away.)

(You can get a taste of their relationship by checking out Without Words and its follow up Settling Scores. As well as in the exercise "Sweet" on Deviantart.)

Instead of posing a question, as I usually, do, let me give you a challenge: Make a playlist for one of your characters. Sit down with them, have a conversation, and see what you come up with. And please, feel free to share them in the comments section. I love seeing the musical taste of other people's characters.
Here's what Elissa's listening to:

1. Breathe Me - Sia (Elissa's theme)
2. Haunted - Poe
3. Bury Me Alive - We Are the Fallen
4. We Are the Music Makers - Scarling
5. Fairytale - Sara Bareilles 

Ouch I have lost myself again / Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found / Yeah I think that I might break / I've lost myself again and I feel unsafe


And I'm haunted / By the lives that I have loved / And actions I have hated / I'm haunted /By the promises I've made / And others I have broken


"Free me from your sorrow / I can't grieve you again"


I wake up every morning and feel like a statistic / You say go go stop no go / It's your prickly aggression / That makes me optimistic / You say go go stop no go


Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom / Man made up a story said that I should believe him Go and tell your white knight that he's handsome in hindsight / But I don't want the next best thing

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