Monday, January 12, 2015

Music Mondays: Angels and Demons Edition

Let me start out this Music Mondays post by stating that for the forseeable future (that is, until about Summer 2016), this blog will be updated very sporadically. And, I hope, with bits of fiction during those sporadic updates.

Grad school takes up a lot of my time. And the time I'm not spending on readings and homework during each semester, I'm spending hanging with those creatures that share my home (one CompSci guy, four cats) or scribbling on various projects, or taking needed mental health breaks which involve playing in other people's sandboxes (video games, fanfiction). So, blogging gets the short end of the stick.

This week's music post is inspired by a collaboration my friend and I are poking at. We're both a bit lost in the miasma of work, life and creative blocks at the moment, but we're trying to do something with - you guessed it - angels and demons. My writing supporting her art and vice versa. (Should we ever gain traction, we'll be sharing the works here and other places online.)

I've been looking for sources of inspiration, some place to garner ideas. Music is an obvious pit stop. (My angelic artbook by Ruth Thompson and my A Field Guide to Demons is next.) So, here we go. As to that last could I not add something from City of Angels (and my 90s music pot)?

Lay Your Hands on Me - The Mission

Locked Out of Heaven - Bastille (Bruno Mars cover)

Falling - Florence + the Machine

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

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