Thursday, May 26, 2016

[Poetry] Untitled

I think I was very into Jewel when I scribbled this. It was supposed to be a song. I don't play music. Well, at the moment. (I have a guitar...I keep losing the calluses from my fingertips because I take so long between practice sessions, so learning to play much beyond specific chords has been a slow process.) 

I digress. Here's a little early 00s/late 90s bad song-poetry. 

Went walking through the City of Fire
Visiting lonely steel and concrete
Saw your visage in shattered fragments
Rising from the ashes of a battered street

I followed your shade down 3rd and Shine
Met a workingman who used to ride the rails
and tells of his journeys in rhyme,
back when spirit was unfettered by night
or by day
and his world was free from linear time

I asked for a ticket on a one way track
Punching the card, he said "Girl, you sure?
'Cause once you cross that line
you can't never come back."

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