Monday, December 17, 2012

Music Mondays: Mental Funk Edition

This morning, I find myself, at least partially, still in the funk that took me over this weekend.

I'm not going to waste time complaining about it. I'm tired of hearing my complaints. And I have to live with me, so... At any rate, it's just a full fledged combination of things that are making me feel blah from lack of paying work to lack of holiday spirit to the weather.

It's just too bloody warm here. It's 9:45 in the morning and 52 degrees. The high for today is 65. It's December!

Now, I don't live in the tundra. But the average history of temperatures at this time of year is mid 40s to low 50s (Fahrenheit) during the day. And so far we've been above that. And after the long, hot, hellish summer we had, I'm just sick of it. (Oops. I'm complaining.)

When I moved to Knoxville from Middle Tennessee, I expected a slight increase in cooler winter weather. So far, I've been disappointed.

And due to all this, I really only have one song on my holiday music list this week....

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