Monday, December 10, 2012

Music Mondays: Where the Hell Is Winter? Edition

My plan for Music Mondays in December had been to post some of my favorite holiday tunes. But I'm having real trouble getting into the proper mindset of songs about winter cold and hushed, snow covered forests with the near 70 degree weather we've been having the last few days.

Though we've had a change up today - it's depressingly grey, dreary, and wet outside - the weather's really been putting a damper on my enthusiasm. It simply doesn't feel like the winter solstice is right around the corner.

Perhaps I just need to trudge forth, throw on some of my favorite tunes, and see if that helps change my outlook.

So, here's this week's playlist. It's McKennitt heavy.

1. Seeds of Love - Loreena McKennitt
2. Song for a Winter's Night - Sarah McLachlan
3. Coventry Carol - Loreena McKennitt
4. Snow - Loreena McKennitt





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