Monday, January 14, 2013

Music Mondays: Job Search Edition

So, over the last month, I've joined the job searching masses. I'm contracting for what looks like will be my final project with the company I've been with the last six and a half years and, in the meantime, looking about for a job that suits my interest. Which seems to be hard to come by in Knoxville.

It's always said that looking for a job is the hardest job you'll ever have.

Indeed. It's tiring, thankless, unpaid repetitive drudgery that can take weeks, if not months, to result in any kind of recognition, which may (nay, most likely will) ultimately end in disappointment.

I don't like this job.

Which may explain why this song has been on repeat in my head for the last few days.

And because no job related music list would be complete with out it:

Do you have some favorite job related music? "Searching for work" songs? "The hell with work" songs? Share them in the comments.

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