Monday, June 17, 2013

Music Mondays: With It Edition

I don't want to jinx myself, but I think I'm on the mend. And I'm working. And I'm writing. I have some new posts coming up on how to deal with criticism.

I'm thinking about re-opening the Wednesday Writing Romp - but I'd really love some more participants this time. I know you guys are out there, I see the stats. Don't be shy!

And I should have a review of a book (that'll be helpful for any of you in the editing stages of a story or novel) in the next couple of weeks.

But until then, here's what I'm listening to. This week, at least.

On the Mend - Foo Fighters

Seven - David Bowie

Stay Awake - Dishwalla

Conversation Piece - David Bowie

Keep Myself Awake - Black Lab

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