Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NaNoWriMo and Hiatus

So, fellow NaNoWriMo participants....how'd it go? (I know, it's mid December. You've probably blocked it out of your minds by now.) Did you fall into any plot holes? Write yourself into a corner (or off a cliff)?

Despite my strong start, November ended in a bit of a fizzle. I could blame travel or other projects I had going, but it was mostly my realizing that I my novel idea - as it was - was probably not going to make it to 50,000 words.

So instead of muddying up the plot and the main characters I'd come to really enjoy, I left off around 32,000 words.  I long to spend more time with these characters and this world, but I want it to be time well spent. Time not rushed.

I hope to finish the first draft in January. Or later this month. But considering I'm currently wrapped up in an online class for a new job, it'll likely be the former.

Which brings me to the short hiatus. Due to said class/training and the new job, the blog will likely be on hold for a while. (Though I have some posts drafted, I don't know that they're ready for public consumption.)

So, look for new stuff around the first of the year.

I'll see you then.

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