Monday, October 3, 2016

[Music Mondays] October Kickoff Edition

It's that time of year again. The weather's growing cooler, the day's shorter, the leaves are changing, and the world is taking on a slightly different hue: red and gold cast in black shadows.

Do you ever find yourself looking over your shoulder a little more at this time of year? Doing a double take to make sure you saw (or didn't see) what you think you saw?

I do. Shadows are slick and wily in October. They might be hiding something.

To celebrate this haunted month, I'm digging through my favorite media (everything from movies to video games to fanfiction) for some songs that are appropriate for all those lengthening shadows, falling leaves, and those moments where you just can't help but follow that figure that's appeared in your peripheral vision. Even though it's probably just the cat. Probably.

Here are a few for this Monday.

"The Star Spangled Soldier" / The Star Spangled Banner - Chase Holfelder

"House of the Rising Sun" - Lauren O'Connell

"Oh Death" - Jen Titus

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