Monday, April 1, 2013

Music Monday: Birthday Edition

I turn 30 on Saturday. (I'm as old as the compact disc.) I've been contemplating whether or not to have one of those life crises I keep hearing about. Probably not.... That would take more time and energy than I'm willing to invest. At most, I'll probably dye my hair again. Purple. Or blue. And a tattoo's always on the option block....if I can ever decide on what I want.

So, in Music Monday form, I've gathered together some songs that have struck something in me at some point. That I identify with. Or want to identify with. (As a side note, Music Mondays will probably take a hiatus for the rest of April. I'm attempting the A to Z Challenge again. ...I'm not sure what possessed me.)

1. Nowhere and Everywhere - Michelle Lewis
2. Crystal - Stevie Knicks
3. Bitch - Meredith Brooks
4. Landslide - Stevie Knicks
5. The Rainbow Connection - Sarah McLachlan






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