Friday, March 29, 2013

Rising to the Challenge - Writing from A to Z

Despite the struggles I've been having (and complaining about here) with myself, with my Muse, with my writing, I threw caution to the wind and signed up for the A to Z Challenge.

It really is quite a feat to post every single day (except Sundays) and to align that post with a word that starts with the appropriate letter of the alphabet.

Monday kicks off the challenge with the letter "A," and I've already got "absinthe" in mind.... And before the month is over, I may need the real thing. (By the time I got through April 2012, I was exhausted.)

This year, I think I'll be doing 100 word stories (slices of life) revolving around a café. And that's probably about as ordinary as it gets.

And I'll be taking a hiatus from any other postings in April (not that there've been many of late) since, in addition to the challenge, I'm still hoping to make some headway with a short story (though not the one I originally started with). (If you want to read those complaints, you can find them here.)

But I've learned my lesson and I'm trying to not make a huge thing out of it. I'm trying to get back to the fun. To the bare bones of my writing. To why I started doing it in the first place. And that has nothing to do with markets and nothing to do with editors and nothing to do with readers (though all those things are keen).

So, here we go.

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