Monday, March 4, 2013

Music Mondays: Hope for Spring Edition

Last week was a failure on the blogging front. I was waylaid by an interview, for a job that I both wasn't entirely sure I wanted and wasn't sure would be what I was looking for. My gut instinct was right on both accounts.

Of course, afterwards, my brain got onto me about things like the economy and sequestration. These are those tough adult you work extra hard to get a job - even if it's a job you'll probably be miserable in - or, do you utilize the fact that you're not desperate (money wise - mentally, I might be a little on the side of desperation...mostly because having some kind of paying work helps keep me and my creativity to a schedule) to keep looking for a job you think will fulfill you?

I've chosen the latter. I'm still not entirely sure of it. But I have support. And I'm hoping this interview is a good sign and that I'll come across something soon. (Or that one of the somethings I've sent in resumes for will wow me with contact.)

In other arenas, I'm also hoping spring might grace us with its presence soon. While I've enjoyed the pretty snowfall we've had the last few days, I think I'm ready for a little warmth and wind and the sun peeking out from behind huge fluffy clouds. I confess...I want to lie naked in the sunlight. (Of course, other than a nudist beach, I have nowhere to do that at present considering I live in an apartment.) I'll have to settle for a bathing suit.

Here's my music list for the week.

1. Let it Flow - Toni Braxton
2. Under the Milkyway Tonight - The Church
3. Return to Innocence - Enigma
4. Into the Great Wide Open - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
5. Waiting for the Night - Depeche Mode





L. M. Leffew said...

Can I just say...
A) I've been on more of those interviews than I care to recall,
B) SUBLIME musical selections, for just about any week. Seriously.

L. M. Leffew said...

The last time I had to interview was over six years ago; I expect I'll be due for many more of these types of interviews...especially considering where I'm living there seems to be a shortage of jobs that make me say: "I want!"

Glad you enjoyed the music.

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