Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Mondays: Winging It Edition

I'm not even sure how it's suddenly Monday, but here we are. It's Monday. I've got nothing....

So far, today, all I've managed to do is print up the instruction booklet for our taxes and work myself up over a story idea and then calm myself down about the same idea in order to avoid overthinking it (and thus rendering myself completely incapable of actually writing  it).

And I'm lamenting to the stranger turn in weather. There's snow on the ground. I'm not amused. If you could see my face, you would be frightened by how not amused I am. Snow belongs in the depths of December. The recesses of January. Even the first few days of March, I can deal with snow. But when it's nearly April it is time for winter to go away and turn the stage over to spring.

Oh. But complaining about it isn't going to do any good and I don't want these Monday posts to turn into a complete vent-fest (as they've been wont to do lately). So, music. Here's what I'm winging it to this week.

1. "Carnival of Rust" - Poets of the Fall

2. "Tonight, Tonight" - Smashing Pumpkins

3. "Start Another Story" - Emilie Autumn

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